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Human Resources Salary – what do HR professionals get paid? 

 When it comes to attracting quality hires, it’s important to know what they expect to be paid. Do you know what the average Human Resources salary is?  

Research conducted by the Trades Union Congress in London in 2016 indicated that as many as 1.5 million people are working from home, approximately a quarter of a million more than a decade ago. One can say that, in a sense, the conventional office is slowly dying.

Working at home has increased exponentially in the UK over the last few years. The Mirror reports that the number of remote workers has increased by about a quarter of a million in the past decade or so. The choice and opportunity to work from home can be a great one.

Capability Jane Recruitment are delighted to have been recognised as the UK’s Flexible Working Recruitment Firm of the Year in the Innovation and Excellence Awards.  The awards are sponsored by theInternational Business Innovation Association and recognise businesses that have transformed over the past 12 months setting clear industry trends and advances.  

City CV create LinkedIn profiles that work. Partnering with Capability Jane Recruitment, City CV have a particular focus on those returning to work post-career break and those seeking more flexible employment.

Returnships, established in the US, are now gathering pace in the UK. Pioneered and subsequently trademarked by Goldman Sachs in 2008, returnships have proved to be an incredibly successful bridge allowing talented professionals to return to work after an extended career break.

Building talent for growth through flexible working – Part one

This week we have a guest blog from flexible recruitment specialists Capability Jane. Today they’re looking at how the world of work is changing and how the various generations now in the workplace have different expectations of their employers. Next week they’ll be writing about the benefits flexible working can bring.

In a previous blog from flexible recruitment specialists Capability Jane, they examined how the world of work is changing. This week they’re looking at five ways in which flexible working can benefit smaller to mid-sized consultancies.

1. The labour market demographic is changing

Making the decision to take on a new member of staff is critical for any business. For SME’s this decision can hold even more importance given the financial ramifications to the business.

During periods of rapid expansion SMEs quickly find the need for additional expertise, frequently for a role that they haven’t employed before. As is often the case with entirely new roles, it can be hard to find the budget or to be sure whether there is the need for a full time role.

Businesses are built around people and it is the expertise of their employees that lead to success.

The UK job market is more competitive than ever, so it’s never been more important to have a CV that beats the competition - especially if you are returning to work following a career break.

Your CV is your marketing document and your opportunity to present a business case as to why your target employer should hire YOU above the competition. To help you to achieve this, we’ve broken down our most important advice on writing a stand-out CV.