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We are always planning events, please do refer to our Events Calendar for further details and visit us regularly for all our upcoming events and details of how to book. 

The Smooth Return Course is a 4-week online coaching course specifically designed to support professional women returning to work after maternity leave. 

During the course participants will: 

Sara Hill, Founder of Capability Jane Recruitment will be hosting a round table discussion at this event in November.

Sharing your job in a connected world, Association PTO invites you to the 2nd International Colloquium on Job & Top Sharing on Rethinking Work in a  the Collaborative...

Please do join us for thei free webinar Neuro Linguistic Programming: Using NLP to revitalise your future and take back control of your life on Thursday 05 October at 12:30 PM.

Please do join us for this free informative webinar on How to create a winning CV on Thursday 02 November 2017 at 12:30 PM.

Please do join us for this free webinar Time to hatch: Improving your confidence in the workplace on Wed 08 November at 12:30 PM.

Have you ever felt you’ve been out-manoeuvred or even bullied during a negotiation situation?

The fact is, when it comes to negotiation everyone wants to win. But with the right preparation, skills and strategy everyone really can win.

Would you like to get the work you really want, get paid what you are worth or sell yourself with more confidence?  Perhaps you are fed up with being told that the best jobs come through your network: what happens if you don’t have a network?  Or can’t bear writing cheesy personal statements and...

Capability Jane is delighted to be joined by Career advisor, CV writer and linked-in expert Victoria McLean, Founder and Managing Director of City CV. In this 45 minute webinar, Victoria will be providing us with insights into: 

- How linked in has changed the job search landscape ...

Capability Jane is delighted to be joined by Victoria McLean, Founder and Managing Director of City CV. Victoria is a former recruitment manager at Merrill Lynch, and previously part of the recruitment team at Goldman Sachs. 

In this 45 minute session, Victoria will share her experience...

Thanks to advances in neuroscience and psychology over the last decade we know that once we reach adulthood our personalities remain relatively stable, but our levels of resilience can vary considerably. The good news is everyone has the capability to build and maintain their levels of...