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Previous webinar: How to boost your confidence

Have you ever felt disappointed that your confidence levels have let you down? 

Maybe you’ve felt frustrated because you knew you could do the job standing on your head but just didn’t have the confidence in your interview to demonstrate that. 

If your answer is ‘Yes!’ please join us for this informative webinar packed with confidence secrets that will help you demonstrate your passion, capabilities and potential. 

In this, the next of our candidate focused webinars, Capability Jane Recruitment is delighted to be joined by Madeleine Morgan, owner of Building Self Confidence Life Coaching and Success For Managers Coaching and Training. Madeleine has spent the last 16 years successfully coaching managers to develop more career, personal and business success in their lives. 

In this 30 minute webinar, Madeleine will be providing us with tried, tested and proven confidence building strategies so that you can master your emotions when the spotlight is on you. 

You’ll discover: 
- How to prepare for a meeting/presentation or interview so that you arrive feeling confident 
- How to maintain your confidence when put under pressure 
- The 7 things you can put in place so that you can feel confident in any circumstances 
- 2 clever tips that will help you create instant confidence 

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