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Partner Services

At Capability Jane Recruitment we are committed to helping our community with access to tools, tips and advice.  We work with many professional coaches, experts in CV writing, LinkedIn profile building and many other experts who can help you in your career transition.  Please feel free to contact any of them directly and do mention you have been referred by Capability Jane Recruitment as they may offer special rates to our community.

CV Services


City CV is an international multi award-winning CV writing and professional interview coaching company. They work with clients in the UK and internationally, at all levels of experience, from graduates to the most senior of industry leaders.

Founded by Victoria McLean, winner of multiple CV writing awards and former Recruitment Manager for two of the world’s leading investment banks – Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs – the expert team of ex corporate recruiters, headhunters and marketers at City CV have a deep understanding of the hiring process and know exactly what recruiters are looking for in today’s competitive market.

Featured in The Guardian, Cosmopolitan and City Jobs (amongst others), and with an expert opinion appearance on Channel 4, the City CV team includes working parents, who have first-hand understanding of post-maternity and paternity leave concerns. They specialise in bridging the gap for parent returners, who may struggle with confidence when re-entering the job market after an extended career break.

City CV can help with CV writing, interview coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, cover letters and application forms.

Please contact Victoria on:
t: 0207 100 6656

To listen to a recording of City CV's webinars: 
How to create a winning CVHow to use and optimise LinkedInInterviewing skills


Advice on style

Queen Bee

Queen Bee Styling's aim is to help people who feel their image and style is not showing them off to their full potential. Their styling services are designed to help you discover and develop your own personal style, make the best of your image and ultimately feel confident, whatever your job role or lifestyle.

They understand how easy it is to neglect your appearance, feel out of step with fashion and how this can affect your self-esteem. Drawing on owner Sally Smy's twenty years’ experience in the fashion industry, Queen Bee Styling's aim is to help you achieve a contemporary wardrobe, in a stress-free, professional and friendly manner.  

Sally guarantees you will save precious time and money in the process as there will be no more wasted shopping trips and mistake buys.

As well as individuals, they work with companies who recognise that as well as providing support and guidance, the workshops can also boost morale and create a chance for employees to network and bond.  They are tailored to each individual business, each one ensuring employees reflect the company brand.

Please contact Sally on:
m: 07956 293 845

To listen to a recording of Sally’s webinar please click here – Returning to Work - The dilemma of the dress code at work – Inspiration and advice

Coaching services

Lindsey Agness

Lindsey Agness is the founder and managing director of The Change Corporation. Lindsey is one of the UK’s top public sector change specialists in both professional and personal development. She trains and coaches using NLP in business and runs open NLP courses on an international basis. 

Lindsey worked for 11 years as a change management consultant, corporate trainer and coach for PricewaterhouseCoopers. It was at this time that Lindsey attended her first NLP course and discovered that life would never be the same again! She has been able to use her skills to build capability and capacity to change in large private and public organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the US. Individuals are inspired by her to transform their performance and change their lives. She will do whatever it takes to work with you to get the result you want.

Lindsey is the first female Master Trainer of NLP in the UK accredited through the American Board of NLP and she is also accredited in brain and behaviour change. She is the author of four best-selling books on organisational change management and personal change including the best seller ‘Change Your Life with NLP’.

m: +44 (0)7711 036 192
t: +44 (0)1304 621735


Zoe Creighton

Zoe Creighton works with individuals to accelerate their career success, or after a ‘wobble’ to re-build resilience and confidence. She also works with new leaders and teams to develop and deliver their vision, or those wanting to re-ignite their passion at work, while maintaining a sensible life balance.

She is an experienced coach and has been described as calm, intelligent and empowering. Where relevant she will use psychometric tests, for example to give people a clear understanding of their strengths and core drivers, along with their most likely de-railers. Having established this, she works with them to find the best strategies and toolkits to suit their situation and move them forwards.

Her extensive business experience of 20+ years leading multi-national teams ensuring her approach is realistic and action oriented. She is trained in a range of coaching styles, giving great flexibility to tailor her approach to each individual and circumstance. She has developed leadership programmes and coached people at all levels in such diverse organisations.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute conversation to discuss your situation and see how coaching with Zoe could help you overcome hurdles, boost your resilience, or achieve your career goals.

t: +44 (0)1737 550926

Zena Everett

Zena’s success as a Career Coach comes from her unique combination of entrepreneurial, recruitment, organisational psychology and coaching experience.  She started and ran a recruitment business then became fascinated why some of her candidates were more motivated, confident and successful than others.  To figure out why, she sold her business, did her masters in career management and counselling and then took further post-graduate coaching training.  She now works with individuals and organisations to help people capitalise on their skills and achieve their career goals (and then some).    As well as 1:1 coaching and interview training, Zena runs career confidence and career development masterclasses.  Her clients are Women Returners, CEOs and all stages in between.  To see what people say about her, visit:   

m: +44 (0)7968 424650
t: +44 (0)203 287 9505

Sue Lyon

Sue Lyon is an Associate CIPD member, and has been coaching for 6 years, with a specific focus on women returning to the workforce after months/years on maternity leave or career breaks. Her background is in Sociology and working in different support services she always had a goal of supporting the people she works with. Being a mother to two daughters, Sue completely understands the struggle that exists for women who want to return to the workforce but have lost the confidence they had before they had children.

 Working through one-to-one and group coaching, Sue also organises networking events for mothers to collaborate with other women who are in the same position. She has spoken at several networking events in London, and always acknowledges that being a mother can be an incredibly isolating role.

Sue understands that the idea of starting/continuing/re-shaping a career can often feel very overwhelming. Her goal is to support the women she works with to discover a path that puts them first, which will suit them, their family, and their future.

Get in touch for your free 30 minute consultation.

m: +44 (0)7795030714
tw: @mumtomumcoach

Madeleine Morgan

Making successful career decisions can be a tricky business, especially if you’ve already experienced a career set-back or have taken a career break. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re well on your way, confidently developing your career can feel daunting at times.

Madeleine specialises in helping professionals and managers overcome those challenges and develop the skills and mind-set that make them successful in their careers. Those skills include networking skills, CV and interview skills, presentation skills, time management, negotiation and influencing skills, dealing with difficult conversations, being assertive, motivating teams, anger management, building self-confidence and leading and managing teams.

Madeleine's 17 years’ experience of coaching and training professionals and managers privately and in businesses/organisations enables her to bring a wealth of experience about what works and what doesn’t. As a result, her clients have gained promotions, made successful changes in their careers and enjoyed more rewarding lives in every way.

If you’d like to have a more rewarding career and you’re curious about how coaching could help, feel free to visit one of Madeline's websites and book a free Coaching Discovery Session. Madeleine can meet over the phone, Skype or face-to-face. During that 45-60 minute session, Madeleine will discuss your career challenges and talk about the career and lifestyle you’d like to create. Then she will put together a plan to achieve your goals and discuss next steps.

t: +44 (0)1223 426392

Diana Pringle

Diana works with people facing dilemmas and life transitions of all sorts such as job progression, career change, returning to work after a career break, redundancy, loss of confidence and business start up. She provides support, encouragement, constructive challenge and new perspectives. This will help you understand yourself more clearly, evaluate your choices and make a plan to move forwards. 

Diana's approach is a mix of practical, strategic and reflective work which can range from thinking about your life, what really matters to you and where you are heading while working on creating a new CV and interview practice.  In her long earlier career in the business world Diana worked in people management, programming, systems analysis and management consultancy. She was also non-executive chair of a city IT company before embarking on re-training and a masters degree in philosophy in 2000.

As a professional in both business and psychology Diana can provide a comprehensive service encompassing philosophic counselling with life and work coaching which supports you as a whole person.  It is both individually tailored and holistic.

Please contact Diana on:
t: +44 (0)208 894 1623
m: +44 (0)7985 613059

Sue Ritchie

Sue Ritchie, a leadership coach and writer, specialising in helping new and aspiring leaders to develop their leadership presence so they create more impact, raise their profile and become more influential. She will help you to step up to a new leadership role – and if you are already in one, she will help you to excel at it.

Please do not hesitate to contact Susan: 
m: +44 (0)7801502743
tw: @susanjritchie

Download the e-Book and book a complimentary 45 minute call with me.

To listen to the webinar - How to develop your leadership presence

Allison Spargo

Allison Spargo gained over twenty years business management experience within senior client relationship, business development and project management roles before taking up her most recent vocation as Career and Performance Coach within the private and public sector.  Having been responsible for the negotiation of 6 figure key accounts and their management, Allison has excellent inter-personal and communication skills and a natural ability to develop close working relationships with clients to fully understand their core objectives and required business and personal outcomes.

Having taken full advantage of working and learning at the side of Dr Leandro Herrero - behavioural science thought-leader and pioneer of behavioural change management methodology, Viral Change TM - for over three and half years, Allison is in her element coaching senior leaders, business owners/managers and professional women in transition who may be looking to either maximise their career and performance potential, or get back into the workplace after taking a career break.  Working on a one-to-one basis, face to face (and on occasions via skype and/or telephone, dependent upon client needs) to identify their talents and strengths, manage their weaknesses and limiting beliefs, ultimately developing pathways and action plans to maximise performance and move them closer towards their long term goals and ambitions.

 Professionally qualified with distinction, NLP Master Practitioner and International Coaching Federation member, Allison has been described as a challenging, results/outcomes orientated, high integrity, naturally talented coach.  Fully conversant and accredited to provide psychometric evaluation and 360 feedback using Facet5. Allison is passionate about making a difference and providing true value for her clients, offering a fully flexible relationship based on honesty and rapport.  She is challenging in her approach, combined with full support and empathy, ensuring that her clients take responsibility for their actions so that progress towards goals and ambitions can be guaranteed.

Please contact Alison on: 
m: +44 (0)7753 450865 



Tinies is the UK's leading childcare company. They have been looking after parents and their children for over 40 years. With a network of 30 regional offices across the UK and a Tinies team with over 300 years collective experience in providing childcare solutions, they are well placed to provide a professional and safe service, which is tailored to support your childcare needs.

They will guide you through your childcare options which could be;

  • Childcare at home. They provide nannies, after school carers, mother's helps, maternity nannies, babysitters etc. And once you have hired your childcarer they can help with payroll services and a free legal employment helpline.
  • Screening Services for parents who have sourced their nanny themselves.
  • Emergency Back-up childcare for when your own childcare breaks down. 
  • Mobile Crèches - to support training events.

For more information please visit  Simply type your post code into the box on the left hand side and call or email your local branch quoting "Capability Jane" to discuss your childcare needs.


Beyond the school run is the place to inspire, engage and connect parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them. With a strong community of parents, Beyondtheschoolrun shares opportunities, ideas and inspiration via its website; monthly newsletter and You Tube channel. The enterprise was Founded by Louise Webster, who has been invited to 10 Downing Street twice, was awarded ‘Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2014’ and is currently writing a book to provide tools, support and wisdom to parents on their journey beyond the school-run. Beyondtheschoolrun recently collaborated with Capability Jane Recruitment to feature a weekly flexible job opportunity for the community which appears each Tuesday at:

To join this exciting journey of combining work and parenting just register for updates at:

Boardroom Mum, founded by ex-City professional Amanda Bolt, is an on-line hub and resource for women who are combining their professional and business lives alongside motherhood.

Packed with relevant and regularly updated content, the site aims to pull together as much helpful and insightful information and comment as possible.  From interviews with women from various sectors, book reviews, plc board analysis, news with a female and/or family angle to their female talent diary, opportunities sections and so much more. Readers can also  sign up  to regular newsletters .  

We very much see as an active contributor to the debate around women, work and family.  

Please contact Amanda on:
m: +44 (0)7770 496383


Hatch is an unwavering champion of female potential. They are a social enterprise founded on the belief that every woman has the right to a meaningful career, that works for her and her family. They work tirelessly to support an ever-growing community of women - the Hatch tribe - to increase their skills, confidence and professional aspirations. They also work alongside progressive companies to help them better support and develop their female employees. 

They aim to:

  • Increase employment opportunities for mums in or returning to work
  • Support women in their personal and professional development
  • Promote equality in employment
  • Increase access to flexible and family-friendly career opportunities
  • Re-shape the concept of work-life balance for women across the UK

They have created a members platform specifically for mums making big decisions about returning to the workplace or changing their role within it. As a member, you can choose a professional journey and work through set stages to get you to your goal, access a wealth of resources and tools, and make connections with inspirational mums doing the same thing all over the UK.

m: +44 (0)7455 532393

Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering enables the voluntary sector to flourish by connecting professionals with charities and non-profits that would benefit from their skills.

Talented professionals come to Reach to find inspiring opportunities at all kinds of non-profit organisations across the UK. They have skills such as marketing, finance, strategy, communications, HR, governance or IT; all generously offered for free. Reach connects them with the charities where their expertise can make a real difference. Small, local community groups as well as larger more established charities use Reach to find volunteers to suit their needs. They also have a trustee finder service, TrusteeWorks, which has placed over 1000 trustees into UK charities.

Volunteering for a charity is very rewarding and often you benefit as much from volunteering as the charity you are placed with, gaining valuable skills and experience.  Find out more about volunteering your expertise on the Reach website:

To listen to Janet’s webinar click here – Find your way back to work through strategic volunteering 

Recruit for Spouses

Recruit for Spouses is an award winning social enterprise created to help strengthen the employment opportunities for the wives and partners of our Armed Forces. 

If you're an employer looking for good staff, or a military spouse looking for work then please visit their website

Training Services


Tectre offer bespoke and off-the-shelf soft skills training services. They can talk through requirements and provide workshops and training sessions which very specifically meet their client's training needs. Their flexible design and courseware delivery turns the vision of skills enhancement into workable reality.
They specialise in training for technical people, for managers, team leaders, and in particular for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Examples of the workshops that they have built and delivered for clients include:

• Unconscious Bias. These sessions uncover for learners the implications of bias within the workplace and offer action planning to instigate change
• Career restart. Women in the STEM professions may lack confidence to return to work because of the pace of change in the industries. These workshops help women to re-enter the workplace.
• Emotional Intelligence for leaders and managers. Using the GENOS methodology, they enable learners to access emotional intelligence to enhance their workplace interactions.
• Improved customer communication skills for technical teams. Helping technical people to interact with clients productively.
• Climbing the ladder in Stiletto Heels. This workshop and other similar bespoke workshops offer support for organisations wishing to retain their female staff by enhancing and underpinning career prospects.

Contact Gillian Arnold
t: +44 (0)1484 646 724