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Negotiation skills

Please do join us for this free must see webinar on Negotiation skills on Wednesday 28 June at 12:30 PM.

Have you ever felt you’ve been out-manoeuvred or even bullied during a negotiation situation?

The fact is, when it comes to negotiation everyone wants to win. But with the right preparation, skills and strategy everyone really can win.

During this webinar you’ll discover how a structured approach to negotiations yields more ‘win-win’ outcomes, whether you are negotiating in formal or informal situations and even when the other person seems to hold more power.

Learn more about how this is possible with our informative webinar packed with negotiation secrets that will help you create more win-wins.

Capability Jane Recruitment is delighted to be joined by Madeleine Morgan, owner of and Coaching and Training. Madeleine has spent the last 17 years successfully coaching managers and professionals to develop more career, personal and business success in their lives.  

Who would benefit from this webinar?

Anyone who needs to negotiate, whether you are:

  1. Negotiating your salary or a promotion
  2. Managing other people
  3. Working in an environment of daily negotiations eg procurement, sales, consulting or other client facing positions with internal or external stakeholders that you need to influence.
  4. Looking for successful outcomes when negotiating with suppliers, clients or colleagues. 
  5. Wanting to boost your confidence as a successful negotiator, develop your personal influence and get the support and commitment of others behind your goals

Please do join us for this free must see webinar on Negotiation skills on Wednesday 28 June at 12:30 PM.

We hope you are able to join us. Please feel free to forward this email to any contacts in your network that you think would be interested in attending. 

If you are unable to attend the webinar but would like to receive a copy of the webianr recording please email