Previous webinar: Develop Your Resilience – Learn how to bounce back stronger and higher | Capability Jane

Previous webinar: Develop Your Resilience – Learn how to bounce back stronger and higher

Thanks to advances in neuroscience and psychology over the last decade we know that once we reach adulthood our personalities remain relatively stable, but our levels of resilience can vary considerably. The good news is everyone has the capability to build and maintain their levels of resilience – you just need to learn how.

This webinar will bring you up to date with the latest thinking on resilience and teach you practical techniques and tips to help you deal with setbacks.

Capability Jane is delighted to be joined by coach, trainer and resilience expert Zoe Creighton, founder of Creighton Coaching and Consulting.

In this 35 minute webinar Zoe will give you insights into:

  • The four key drivers of resilience and how to strengthen them
  • Helpful habits you can develop
  • How to handle strong emotions in the moment
  • Capturing the learning and growth opportunities from difficult situations

Who should attend:
This webinar really is for everyone. We all know that whatever our outlook and life stage, we will have to deal with set-backs and wobbles from time to time. By learning how to maximise the speed and strength of your bounce back you can increase your sense of well-being and chances of achieving your goals.

We look forward to you joining us for this webinar. Do feel free to forward this email to any colleagues or contacts in your network that you think would be interested in attending.

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