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We know from research and experience that confidence is a key barrier to women feeling able to be and do their best professionally – whether that’s feeling confident enough to apply for a job or a promotion, perform well at interview, negotiate a pay rise, ask for changes to their role and...

Have you ever felt you’ve been out-manoeuvred or even bullied during a negotiation situation?

The fact is, when it comes to negotiation everyone wants to win. But with the right preparation, skills and strategy everyone really can win.

Thanks to advances in neuroscience and psychology over the last decade we know that once we reach adulthood our personalities remain relatively stable, but our levels of resilience can vary considerably. The good news is everyone has the capability to build and maintain their levels of...

Have you ever wondered how you can look beyond a candidate’s good interview technique and really understand what they’ll be like when their guard is down (their Dark Side)? 

Maybe you have a colleague whose style of management is getting in the way, but they just don’t seem to be aware of...

Have you ever felt disappointed by the way you handled a difficult colleague?

Maybe you’ve felt frustrated because:

Capability Jane is delighted to be joined by Sally from Queen Bee Styling who provides styling services that are accessible to everyone, whatever your budget, body shape or lifestyle.

Have you ever felt disappointed that your confidence levels have let you down? 

Maybe you’ve felt frustrated because you knew you could do the job standing on your head but just didn’t have the confidence in your interview to demonstrate that. 

If your answer is ‘Yes!’ please join...

Why should someone hire YOU? How are you going to stand out against the other candidates on a shortlist and show a potential employer that you have the skills they need? And how do you convince someone to hire you if your experience doesn't exactly match the job description? 

This webinar explains how best to develop your Leadership Presence. 

Are you a professional who has set their sights on a leadership role this year? Or maybe you've just landed a promoted post, but you're struggling to establish yourself? 

In either case, there's a key tool you'll...

The world of work is changing. For many the standard model of working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 is becoming less realistic and increasingly people want to work more flexibly in order to fit in with other life commitments. 

Our research shows that 80% of women in senior roles want the...