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Corporate/Commercial/Data Protection Lawyers & Property Lawyers

Lawyers, flexible, home-based, Corporate, Commercial, Data Protection, Property

About LawBite

LawBite is the UK’s first ‘virtual’ online law firm blending cutting-edge technology with legal experts to lead a traditional industry into the digital age.  Dedicated to providing expert...

Flexible full or part-time working
Flexible full or part-time working | Home based
Hourly rate c £80
Ref: JN-112017-2698

Lawyers, flexible, home-based, Corporate, Commercial, Data Protection, Property

About LawBite

LawBite is the UK’s first ‘virtual’ online law firm blending cutting-edge technology with legal experts to lead a traditional industry into the digital age.  Dedicated to providing expert business and commercial legal advice for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) the business is now well established with a strong reputation for speed and quality of its advice,  both with its thousands of clients and expert LawBriefs.

LawBite’s online platform, mobile app and software tools allows its lawyers to communicate easily and quickly with clients when providing legal advice and collaborating on essential documents and templates.  Wrapped around the Platform is our SRA regulated law firm with a full-service range of highly experienced legal specialists who enjoy the variety and volume of work that clients bring their way and the collegiate nature of the team.

LawBite’s hugely successful marketing, partnership and business development operation generates hundreds of new client enquiries every week allowing our lawyers the flexibility and variety to work as much as they wish.

Our continued rapid expansion has lead to multiple opportunities for lawyers to join the LawBite team and continue our revolution of the legal industry.  LawBite is on a mission to ensure that business owners of all sizes have the rapid, expert advice at a price they can afford to help them Start, Grow and Succeed.

"Very flexible, good quality support and interesting clients - a very enjoyable firm to be a part of" - Adam Welsh, LawBrief (June 2016-present)

The Role

It takes a special lawyer to join our team, you have to be focussed on the customer and understand and empathise with the speed that our SME clients need us to react to their problems. We're seeking a dynamic Corporate, Commercial and/or Data Protection Lawyer (we currently have a GDPR campaign running) to join our growing legal team to work flexibly and remotely. You will be available at set times during the week when we know we can refer files to you so you can get back to them rapidly for an initial free 15-minute consultation to diagnose the client's needs. The key is that we know when you are available but we are flexible in terms of when and how much time you can give. All we ask is that you check in on your existing files at least once a day - this is made easy through use of our pioneering lawyer-client messaging app for iPhone and Android (think Whatsapp but for legal communication).

Areas which you may be asked to assist with are:

●     Business restructuring

●     Sale & purchase of businesses

●     M&As

●     Joint ventures

●     SEIS/EIS

●     Corporate finance

●     EMI Share Schemes

●     Shareholder Agreements

●     Trading contracts

●     Website Ts & Cs

●     Data protection

●     GDPR

●     Property

The ideal candidate for our Corporate Lawyer position would have broad legal expertise within the business sector.

Core to our belief is putting the needs of the small business first. All our lawyers are therefore empathetic to SME‘s and speak in plain English. An ability to understand and diagnose the client's legal needs quickly is a must. The initial free 15-minute consultation is not necessarily there to solve the client's problem, but it is there so that we can provide some reassurance and value straightaway and it is a highly important part of our sales process, as being able to speak to a lawyer quickly is not only a part of our marketing narrative but is key for our client conversion ratio.

You will be referred good quality leads, creating an opportunity to sell your own (and LawBite’s) services and to emphasise the value you would add to their business without breaking the bank. Following that initial call, you would provide the client with an upfront, fixed fee quote based on the number of hours you expect the work to take you or fixed price product from our range of options. This could be for more detailed advice, drafting work or contract checking, though please be aware that there will be instances where no further work is required.

“LawBite has provided me with consistent work, which I can do flexibly around family commitments.  The app makes it very simple to organise and manage your workflow on the go. Plus you have the benefit of having a great network of other lawyers to bounce ideas off and a fantastic admin team supporting you.” - Amna Ahmed, LawBrief (Feb 2017-Present)

You will be provided with full platform and app training prior to commencing any formal work, and a member of our team will always be on hand to guide you through the process and help you interact with our clients. As a regulated law firm (LawBriefs Ltd) through the SRA we can also provide insurance for any lawyers working via our platform, however, you will be responsible for maintaining your own practising certificate.

We charge a rate of £145/hr, with a 60/40 split in favour of the lawyer. We also have different 'Pricing Plan' options, where clients are on a monthly subscription to use our services and receive a slightly reduced rate for legal advice.

We take responsibility for bringing in leads and filtering clients to ensure they are suitable to our lawyers' expertise. Further still, as our system is set up to bill and collect fees from clients, you do not have to undertake any of the usual administrative duties. You just have to make the initial call and do the work! You will also be supported by our in-house Client Care team throughout the process and we have regular lawyer meet-up days and catch-ups via video conference. There is also a lively lawyer intranet system where you can support one another on cases.

LawBite is a great solution to remote working as it allows you to take charge of your workload and hours. The diverse client base helps to keep the work itself varied and interesting too! - Laura Symons, LawBrief (Aug 2016- Present)

LawBite has been trading for over four years and is growing rapidly. This is an opportunity to join a company at the cutting edge of legal services delivery. Advice and drafting work is delivered over the phone, by Skype or via the platform and whilst you do not have to be 'tech savvy' a basic intuitive understanding of technology is a must. The skill we particularly look for is the ability to present legal options and quality advice in an uncomplicated way to our SME clients.

If you feel you have the skills, please submit your CV and a brief statement about why you think you would be suited to LawBite to