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Happy Backpacks Refugee Appeal

During December Capability Jane has been actively supporting the ‘Happy Backpacks for Refugee Children Appeal’ which forms part of a wider project organised by Refugee Aid. It asked that bags be purchased and packed full of basics and goodies so that they may be delivered to Syrian refugees; babies, toddlers and children,  in time for Christmas.

Rebecca Eames, Client Account Manager for the Thames Valley, recently spent a day from dawn until dusk sorting through the mountains of clothes and essential supplies that have generously been given in support of the cause.

Alongside a team of other hard working volunteers Rebecca helped to organise the practical donations and box up the hundreds of backpacks that have been pledged, filled and collected in the hope that they might bring some festive spirit to the refugee children in time for Christmas. All donations will now make the journey to the Greek island of Lesbos, where up to 7,000 refugees arrive every day.